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Weekly Reflection

Talofa and my name is May and this is my Weekly Reflection. As you can see I have done three things about me and what I need to learn. I hope you like it because I really like it.

Maori Birthday's

This is Alizhay, Tylah and May’s birthday in Maori.
Tekau ma tahi o pipiri: May’s Birthday in Maori
Tekau ma ono o mahuru: Alizhay’s birthday in Maori
Rima o paenga-wha wha: Tylah’s birthday in Maori
Eleventh of June: May’s birthday in Maori
Sixteenth of September: Alizhay’s birthday in Maori
Fifth of April: Tylah’s birthday in Maori

Scott Base

Scott Base is a Research Centre in Antarctica. It is also Owned by New Zealand. It is named after A man called Captain Robert Falcon Scott also in Antarctica he would explorer there and do all kinds of other stuff. Scott Base is located in a island called Ross Island that is close to Mount Erebus.

My Antarctic Presentation

Hi My name is May and this is my Antarctic Presentation.It is really cool and I hope you like it:)

My Mhi

This is my Mihi.I really like it because it has maori stuff and I think it is cool.I hope you enjoy it:)

This Is My Word Cloud And My Reading About The Boss Of Blossom Street Chapter 2

This is my Word Cloud and my reading that I done.I really like it so I hope that you like it as well.

They had to go slowly because there was a big orange bus in front of them snap watched it he had an idea.They got there and he had another plan.The plan could help him be the boss of blossom street.Harry had to unpack the stuff.Dogs around there stayed in there own gardens. Ada said wooof wooof come to mummy.On monday they went to work and snap the small black and brown dog was really sad because he really misses being the boss of blossom street:(

Word Cloud

Hi this is my Word cloud and my writing that I done about The boss dog of the blossom street.As you can see it is blue and orange and also other colours.I hope you like it:)

Hi my name is May and I am going to talk to you about a story that is called The Boss dog of the blossom street.So Once upon a time there was this small black and brown dog.His job was to make sure that everyone that lives in blossom street was at their owners and they were safe.
Then all of a sudden snap the name of the small brown and black dog went home because he thought that he was the boss so when he got home his owners Ada and Harry were packing up. When Snap looked at Ada he saw her putting all of the cups in the right order and putting it in a box. Then he looked at Harry and Harry was taking off the bits and pieces and snap felt really sad because he thought to himself “ We might be moving! Oh no snap thought how is going to look after blossom street.” Then the truck came and they packed everything in the…

Antarctic Narrative Writing

Wow researches are in Antarctica. One Cold day lived 2 men atAntarctica they were researching about Penguins and Seals. The men's names are called Jacob and Joshua. Wow did you know that researches go to Antarctica to research and it is really cold also they have to wake up from bed then go right away to work so that is really sad because they will be freezing there.

The problem was that they wanted to go back home because they have finished work and they were really tired. And did you know where they live “ Scott Base!” really cool right. Scott Base is really cool because they get to see lots of cool and wild animals like leopard seals, crab eater seals, elephant seals and also the coolest animal ever Emperor and Adelie penguins.

When they were looking for a way to go home they saw a igloo right on the ice so they went inside and it was freezing cold. Then Jacob and Joshua thought about something then suddenly Joshua came up with the goodest idea ever he said to Jacob we should sta…