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Free The Children

WALT : Apply the text.
Last week my group DR Suess's have been looking at a joural called Free The Children. It's all about slavery. It's kind of related to Bonded Labour. I hope you enjoy :-)

Bonded Labour

WALT : Identify the main idea within a text. This week my group DR Suess's have been working on a presentation all about Bonded Labour. For those who don't know what Bonded Labour means, Bonded Labour is all about DEPT & those who have used other peoples money and now to repay back their money they have to work for them and they end up working for them forever & its also something that runs around the family. So I've told you alot of information but you haven't seen the presentation yet. At the bottom of my presentation is also a Google drawing that we had to make for this presentation. I hope you enjoy :-) & Remember to leave some feedback and some feed forward.

Problem Solving - Wk8 / Term 1

WALT: Use multiplication and division to solve 'part unknown' problems

This term we have been focusing on Problem Solving. Our awesome teacher Mr Wiseman has prepared this great presentation for us to do. I hope you enjoy :-)

Article Writing & Punctuation

WALT : Correctly edit and punctuate sentences.
This week for writing, we have been focusing on using our punctuation. Our lovely teacher Miss Clark has prepared this amazing presentation for us to do. We have actually been focusing on our punctuation this whole term, and it has been an amazing journey, because we have learnt some stuff we did not know before. So I hope you enjoy this presentation :-)

Problem Solving - Week 8 / Term 1

Problem Solving - Week 6 / Term 1

This week we have been focusing on working on our Problem Solving. Our teacher Mr Wiseman has prepared the questions for us and then we just need to solve them. I really hope you enjoy my Problem Solving presentation :-)

Tinana - (Body)

Today after morning tea we were doing Te Reo with Matua Willis. Matua Willis has been teaching us our body parts in Te Reo and we have really enjoyed it. I have learnt a lot about Te Reo this term. I hope you enjoy :-)


I just want to say a massive congratz to my girl cousin Teuila for getting engaged. I hope the lord will be the centre of your family and I hope your family will serve the lord and I hope you's have a blast together. <3 Mwhaar

My Visual Mihi

Hello my name is May & this is my visual mihi.  As you can see on the top left corner is a cross representing my church. On the top right corner is my fav colours. It represents colours that I love and it also represents me loving art and drawing. At the bottom left corner you can see a drawing of my family and this drawing represents me and my family and also my extended family. And last but not least at the bottom right hand corner it has my beautiful country Samoa. This samoan flag represents my culture and where i'm from and where my parents were raised.  In the middle of my Visual Mihi it has a drawing of myself and this drawing represents myself and Pt England School.  I hope you enjoy looking and reading my photo's :-)

Memorial Service

Today at assembly we were remembering the good and hard work of the amazing Pricilla Tui. She is an amazing mother to Rowana, Raewen - Eve, Cruz, Ollie and Ofili. She is known to us at Pt England School as a strong nice considering woman. Today at assembly was all about her and her beloved family. Rowana & Raewen - Eve are a great friend of mine. Ever since I started this school they have always been there for me and my other friends. Today was a little bit different but it was normal. We were showing support and encouragement to the Tui family and the rest of their extended family that had come to the assembly today. As I walked into the assembly hall, I was so excited to see Rowana & Raewen - Eve but my heart knows that they were really sad that they lost their mother. Today at assembly we had two himene's and a pray. It was so nice when we sang He Honore because it felt so graceful and caring. I hope the Tui family loved it. We all know that Pricilla is in a better pla…

W5T1 Problem Solving

This week we have been learning how to do Problem Solving. Our maths teacher Mr Wiseman has given us a Problem Solving presetation to do. Hope You Enjoy :-)

The Promise

Last week we were reading a text named The Promise. It is about a group of friends that are stuck in a bunker because there has just been a blast outside and there are some thing that are trying to freeze them. The characters in the story are Noah the self - appointed leader and there is also Asafo, Emma & Zadie. They are all group of friends. My literacy group were trying to analyse the characters by looking at what they were wearing and also their height and also how they speak. The lovely Miss Clark has put some amazing questions in this presentation that we had to answer. I hope you enjoy my presentation :-)