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Today we had the best time ever at the Glen Innes swimming pools. We arrived at the pools and waited on the seats for our instructors to arrive. They finally came and we hopped into the pool. We started doing some free styles and started doing some back strokes and then our tutor Cris said that we could do races and dolphin kicks to wait for the rest of the groups to finish. Sulieti and I were doing fun races at the end of the session. It was Awesome! We hopped out of the pools and went off to the changing rooms to change. I finished changing and I then came and sat down on the seats waiting with Miss Berry. I was pretty tried and exhausted but I had really great fun :-) Thank you Glen Innes Pools and tutors for teaching us how to swim, it is really a blessing !

Room 1 For 2016


Welcome 2 Room 1 .

Welcome! My name is May & I am in the amazing Room 1. My Teacher is Mr Wiseman and he is also the best teacher ever! It has been easy moving into a new class this year and I have really enjoyed it. My class mates are really nice and helpful. Room 1 is a class I thought I would never be in, but since I started this year I have been able to be in Room 1 for 2016. Room 1 is a class you would like to be in to :-) We are the best ! This year I am looking forward for the year 8 leadership camp. I looking forward to the year 8 camp because the year 8's can finally spend some time together by ourselves. I am also looking forward to the Fiafia that is coming up, which is held here at school grounds. The first two weeks of school has been really nice. It is nice because we have got some time to know the teachers more and also get to do some more learning! This year I am really nervous about the testing coming up soon. I am nervous because I have no idea how much progress I have made so …

2016 Maths Update

"Isn't school really cool?" School has been really fun for me. It has been an amazing start to the year this year. As I entered Room 1,  which is my home class for this year .... YAY! My teacher is Mr Wiseman & he is really fun. The subject I'm going to talk about the most about this year is Maths, I really like maths because you can learn new thing. Just like today, today we learnt all about Statistics. Statistics is all about the study, gathering and analyzing data. We also learnt how to rule our maths books because it is good to know that we are caring about our math books and also if we showed our parents or teachers they will actually know that we have at least done some good and tidy work, it is also good to be neat because if they look at it they could read it. 2016 is the best, but Room 1 is better! YAY!