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Reflection About 2015


“Wow! This has been an AMAZING year” I have loved being a student at Pt England School. The reason why I love Pt England is because it has such nice teachers and also students. 2015 has been a memory that I will never forget. We have had lots of fun activities this year and fun trips too & I am going to miss the year 8’s next year.

This year I have felt Happy at times and at other times I am sad. Whenever I play with my friends I get sad because we might not be in the same class next year & also the year after. The year has been cool and fun cause our lovely team 5 teachers have planned fun activities for us,  even when we are naughty we always get a second chance but sometimes we don’t get that second chance.

The thing I found most satisfying this year was getting to meet the lovely year 8’s and also getting to meet the new teachers in team 5 like,  Miss Peato,  Mr Wiseman & Ms Hockley. They have been really encouraging to us year 7’s for next year,  they are always say…

Think Board W8T4


Thinkboard W8T4


Generate Multi - Choice Questions

Thinkboard T4W7

The past few weeks Room 2 Numeracy have been focusing on finishing off our Think boards and also our other maths work. I love doing Think boards because I really get to solve the question by myself and I love asking other students in my class room about how to solve it or some other questions I could work on but the main thing I love is decorating it because I love making things colorful.

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