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Accenture Trip

Today, the 26th of September we went to the Accenture which is held in Auckland City. Even though I have never heard or have never been there, just by the information that Mrs Anderson told us about, I knew that we would have a great time!
Okay, so today we went to Accenture. For me personally just arriving in Town and seeing the building I did not want to go inside because I thought that we were going to go all the way up, but lucky we only went to Level 12. When we arrived into the building we met Daniel, Bryce, Jess, Sed, Luke and many other amazing workers of Accenture. I think my experience this whole day was totally different and exciting at the same time. Even though I knew nothing about coding or IT, they explained everything and they also offered help which was lovely. 
Overall today was amazing, learning new things such as coding, virtual reality things and many more cool things. I think my favourite part of the trip was just getting to know more about Digital…

Career´s Night

Career´s Expo

Last night which was the 29th of August, we had the Career´s Expo night, where we come and take a look and chat with the teachers who teach the different departments about what they do in that subject so that we can get a clear mindset of what subjects we want to take. It is really important for us because we are heading to NCEA next year and we need to make sure we pick the right subjects which we know about and the subjects that we know is most suitable for us as individuals. 
The highlight for me last night was getting to see all the different departments and what they teach and I think that it was really useful for me personally, mainly because of the fact that we are weeks away from Jumpstart, it's getting more freakier and scarier knowing that we are just weeks away from selecting our subjects and just weeks away from actually starting NCEA.
The department that I think stood out the most or the department that I think really presented their subject was Social S…

Food Tech - Wk 9 - Easy Bread

Today for Foodtechnology we are making Easy Bread. I was peered up with Magnolia and Pauline, even though we didn't do quite well and even though we had a few difficulties we still managed to make our bread. So we are currently waiting for our bread. I will insert the recipe down below. 

Easy Bread
Step 1 - 2C of Plain Flour, 1 Tsp Sugar - 1 packet of yeast - 1C of warm water - 1/4 C of milk - 1 Egg - 1/2 C Of Oil - 1/2 tsp of salt
Step 2 - Mix well and make 4 or 5 round balls and then place on a tray into the oven

Food Tech - Wk 8 - Chocolate Chip Muffins

Today for Food Technology we are making Chocolate Chip Muffins. I think that Maggie, Pauline and I worked hard. We worked nicely and quickly and it was perfect. So now we are currently waiting for our muffins to cook but don´t worry I will put a photo to show our final product. Just in case you would like to make your own chocolate chip muffins at home, here is the recipe to making a great Chocolate Chip Muffin!
Chocolate Muffin

Step 1

 - 1 1//2 C of S.R Flour
 - 1/2 C of Sugar
 - 1/2 C of Oil, 1/2 C of Milk
 - 1 egg, 1/4 C of Cocoa
 - Chocolate Chips

Step 2

 - Mix well and serve it into the muffin tray, bake 180 degrees for about 15mins

Health - Effects of Tobacco on Hauora

Today in health we are learning about the effects of smoking on your lungs.  Here are some of the questions that we were focusing on with Miss Paketama. Here is also a link of the effects of smoking 30 packs of smoke, the effects it has on your lungs.

Food Tech - Wk 6 - Peach Cobbler

Today for Food Technology, we made Peach Cobblers. I think that Magnolia and I did a great job, we were following the instructions carefully and correctly and we managed to get the product that Ms T wanted. As we are writing this we are currently waiting for our Peach Cobbler to cook, because its currently in the oven but so far it's looking good. I will put the photo on top so you can see our final product. Just in case you would like to make your own Peach Cobbler, here is the recipe we used!
Peach Cobbler
Step 1  - 1 1/2 C of S.R.Flour - 1 tsp of cinnamon
Step 2 - 1/2 C of Milk - 1/2 C of Sugar
Step 3  - 1/4 C of Oil - 1 Egg
Step 4  - Mix Well - Scoop into the baking tin and top up with Peach Slice - Splash brown, sugar & cinnamon on top
Last & Final Step - Bake 180 degrees for 20mins

Food Tech - Wk 5 - Quiche

Today for Food technology we made Quiche. I was peered up with Fale´aka and Ilaisaane. I think that we did an okay job the only thing that we didn't quite do right or something that we need to work on is our listening skills, mainly following the instructions more carefully. Today our friend Saane didn't do the Pastry right but lucky that Ms Tuipulotu helped us. Overall I think we did an AWESOME job! Just in case you would like to make a Quiche at home or with friends here is the method or the recipe that we used to make the Quiche.
Step 1 - Cut the pastry into 12 pieces
Step 2 - Dice the ham
Step 3 - Put into the muffin tray
1st - Ham 2nd - Cheese 3rd - Then top it up with an egg
Step 4 - Whisk 4 eggs with half a cup of milk

Food Tech - Wk 3 - Chocolate Muffin

Today is Tuesday or in Food Tech today is called ´Cooking Day´ Today we decided to make Chocolate Muffins. I think that Faleaka and I done a really good job today! The only thing that I personally need to work on is remembering how to do the ingredients and just making sure that its perfect just the way that Ms. Tuipulotu wants. This is the recipe for making Chocolate muffins, just in case you want to make a beautiful chocolate muffin like ours. 

Step One - Mix together

1. 1cup 1/2cup of S.R.Flour
2. 1/2cup of sugar
3. 1 egg, 1/3cup of Cocoa, 50grams of Choc
4. 1/2cup of Milk, 1tsp Vanilla Essence
5. 1/2cup of Oil

Step Two - Mix well and scoop into the muffin tray.

Step Three - Bake for 15mins 180c

Week Two - Hot Cakes

Today is our cooking day in Food Technology. We had to make Hot Caked/Pancakes. Even though our Hot Cakes looks a bit burnt but I think we tried out best and even though all of our group were not participating, Saane and I tried our best to finish what Mrs. Tuipulotu told us to do. Out of 10, I think that we did about 8 because our Hotcakes were kind of burnt, one of our members weren't participating well enough but at least we made the product! I hope you enjoy my reflection on today's work. 

Japanese Visitors

Today some of us Yr10 students were hosting or showing these amazing Japanese Visitors around the school. There were about 26 of them and about 9 of us. (Magnolia, Rowana, Johnlee, John, Pote, Pareata, Jolise, Vasa, Levi and myself) As you can see in this photo there are 6 lovely young ladies, who came with the Japanese visitors and we were lucky to have these 6 ladies in our group. So we showed them around the school basically and we had great laughters at the end when we had the last break with them. One of my highlights was when Magnolia told them how many siblings she had (7) and they all were shocked because they only had 1 or 2 siblings. They all had great personalities and beautiful smiles! May the Lord continue to bless you with your journey through Auckland and may he protect you, also when yous head back to your hometown Tokoyo x  PC : Magnolia

Money Personality Quiz - Maths

Today for maths I first completed this quiz. All you have to do is answer some questions and then it will tell you what your money personality is. The questions are really easy and itś something great to start our double period with. Even though we are not with Miss Munoz today, condolences to her family for their going through a difficult situation but well see you when you get back! Iḿ a Money Master :-) 

Describing Words

Today in graphics we have been learning how to describe objects such as the shape, texture, form, people who use that object, size, flavour and many more ! I think that this had really impacted our learning not only in graphics but also a great impact for our other subjects, such as English ! We have been look at the TC SOLO and we are working on multiscructual (describing) This has been a great lesson with Ms Ferguson ! Here's a presentation of objects that my partner (magnolia) and I worked on, its not yet completed but hope you enjoy :-)

Me - Graphics

For the past few days we have been working on making our profile. Thanks to Ms Ferguson we have been able to take our time ! This has been a great thing to work on so that everyone can know but mainly our teacher, she can know what things we like and also some things we treasure. Hope you enjoy my ME profile !

Number Topic - Math

What do you already know about our number topic?
Answer : To be honest I don't know much about number but i'm trying to learn more and more everyday so that I can improve everyday and yeah but for me personally the things that I know about the number topic at the moment is that you use number to solve problems, count and also measure things. Number is useful to many things !
What level do you think you are at currently? Why ?
Answer : I think I am on level 4 ish because to be honest I don't know much of my timetables but I am trying everyday to practice more and more with my parents, but mainly my mum. She has been helping to a lot with my maths cause if you know me yous know that maths is not my strongest subject, but you also know that I am a hard working person who never gives up. 
What are you looking forward to learning in our number topic ?
Answer : I am looking forward just to learn more and gain my knowledge on number to be honest. I don't have a spe…