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Class 6 Buzz Newspaper

WALT: use the structure of newspaper articles to write news reports
Netball coming to a close

May Pt England School

Netball is coming to a close. The last few weeks were the last games,for the year ones to eight teams.

The Prize Giving is not far away until they start. Prize Giving has already started for the year 6 team 1. They had their Prize Giving on September the 2nd at the AMI Netball courts.The time it started was 4.30 sharp but they went at the courts at 4.15. I can’t wait for my teams Prize Giving.

The uniform had to be returned at the end of each game so they can be cleaned for the next games. The uniforms were black and red the normal school uniform colours. Also when we have Prize Giving we wear our uniforms so we can be proud and thankful,for all those hard and easy games we had and be thankful that we made it this far,also be proud of the school that we are representing. Uniform is also an important thing about netball because if you have no uniform you might have to wear oth…