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Algebra / Sticking Around / Week 2 / Term 4

WALT : We are learning to identify a rule for continuing sequential patterns
Week two Room 1 maths class have been focusing on Algebra and different activities that could help us with out Algebra. In week 1 Room 1's maths class were looking at a task called 'Sticky Moments'. Now for this week, which is week 2 we are looking at a task called Sticking around. I hope you enjoy. This presentation is all about Algebra and the formula that we use to solve the questions so we can get the answers. I hope you enjoy it this is the presentation that Mr Wiseman created but I just added more detail's to it so it could be prettier, because I love making everything pretty. So hope you enjoy and I can't wait to hear all your feedback and comments that you left for me to check and to answer.

Practice Questions / Week 3 / Term 4 /

WALT : We are learning to identify a rule for continuing sequential patterns
This week for Team 5 is testing week. This means that every single class or every single student is doing their Reading, Writing & Maths test. This week Mr Wiseman, the best maths class teacher ever has created this cool presentation for us to fill in and it's basically Practice question to help us for our test. Hope you enjoy :-)

Mix It Up

Hello we are Team Einstein, from the best class Room 1. This term for inquiry we are focusing on 'Science/& What matter means' The people in my group are Akosita & Sulieti, we are all from Room 1. We have been looking at "If we can separate a Mixture of Iron filings,  Sand & Raro" In Room 1, 6 students said YES we can separate the mixture of substances & 7 students said NO that we can not separate the mixture of substances. We have also been looking at Vocabulary and here are the vocabulary that we are focusing on, Mixture, Physical, Change, Substance & Properties. I have loved working with my Einstein group and I have loved experiencing new things and discovering that you can do anything even if you say NO. Hope you enjoy our first Inquiry lesson presentation.

P.S Thank you to Mr Wiseman for creating this presentation :-) But Team Einstein made it better !

Algebra - Formula - Maths - 12 / 10 / 16

WALT : We are learning to 'Continue a sequential pattern and find the rule'

This week we focusing and looking at Algebra and the process of Algebra. Our learning intention for this week is We are learning to "Continue a sequential pattern and find the rule" Our awesome teacher Mr Wiseman has put up some questions on our class site, for us to work on and look at this week. Algebra is basically numbers and letters used but means the same thing. On Wednesday Matua Lewin was here for the whole day because Mr Wiseman was on leave. It was finally time for maths class, Matua Lewin shared to us and also helped us understand the process of how Algebra works and the easiest way you can solve a Algebra out.  In my presentation I have added the algebra questions that my group (Dragons) are working on and I have also added the process or the formula to get the answer. I hope you enjoy it and I hope that you learn something from it, and also please leave if you have any queries ple…

Reflection On Term 3

This term has been a blast, I have made new friends & also meet new teachers. But most importantly I have finished this term with a 'BANG' I am proud of all of my year 8 buddies and also our year 7 brothers and sisters, you's have been an also group added to my life and I am going to miss you's when we all go our separate ways. But to those who are reading this post, this is all about Term 3, and how it went to me.

While term 3 has had some ups and downs but I loved every moment of it. The first day of term 3 was like starting the year again, it felt like home with more people surrounding me. I loved going to Tamaki College and doing Technology,  I also loved going their for one whole day to experience college life and also to get some extra tips about school. Term 3 has been awesome,  we managed to do Cross Country,  School Disco and other amazing things but we didn't manage to do our whole school Olympics Day because of the weather ... thanks alot weather.


Lost In Ranges - Literacy

WALT : Skim and Scan for information Author's viewpoint - finding evidence in the text
For the past few weeks the Roald Dahl's & Dr Suess's have been reading some article about some people that have been hiking on mountains and then they get lost, but then eventually someone finds then, one of their group member so they go and get help and then lots of people come and help them and also look for them. This week we are learning to "Skim and Scan for information Author's viewpoint 0 finding evidence in the text" This is a presentation that our amazing literacy teacher Miss Clark, has created for us. Hope you enjoy :-) Please leave some feedback and I will get right back to you !

Escape From Afganistan

This week our learning intention is to Analyse the cultural context within the text. Our article for this week, which is week 7 is a article called 'Escape From Afghanistan' This article is all about civil war happening in Afghanistan. Civil war is the meaning of when two different countries of people fight against each other. This is a presentation that our lovely teacher Miss Clark created for my literacy group called the 'Dr Seuss's' I hope you enjoy the presentation and all my cool answers that I put into this presentation :-)

Ratio Presentation / Week 7

This week my amazing maths class are working on Ratio's. I love working on Ratio's because it's easy and then sometimes fun and also hard at the same time. Our learning intention for this week is to Identify Ratio's. I hope you enjoy the presentation and please leave a comment and I will get right back to you :-)

Multiplying Any 2 Digit Number To A 2 Digit Number

This week since I have finished my first task the 'Multiplying one digit number to another number' I got to try Multiplying a 2 digit number to a 2 digit number. At first it was pretty tricky but then my amazing teachers Mr Wiseman & Matua Lewin taught me more about it, so then I then understanded it more and that's why I have finished the presentation. My working out is in my Maths Book ! Hope you enjoy :-)

Multiplying Any Number By A 1 Digit Number

This week my maths group the Dragons have been looking at using an algorithm to multiply any number by 1 digit number. Our cool teacher Mr Wiseman has created this presentation, so we could fill out the working out and also the answers to the problems. I hope you enjoy my cool presentation, and by the way my working out is done in my Maths book. If you don't trust me then you can come and find me and then I will show you :-) Enjoy

Donald Trump US Elections

This week my literacy group are looking at the Donald Trump US Elections. This week our learning intention is to Compare and contrast the differences between peoples views. By reading articles I have learnt alot about the elections and what it is all about. My literacy group have also been looking at the Republicans and the Democrats. There are lots of things I read about these two parties, I have read that the Republicans are willing to help the minority of the people in America, but the Democrats are willing to help the majority of America. We have been looking at politics this week because right now New Zealand are voting for our new mayor. I hope you enjoy my presentation !

The Strength Of Roots

This week we have been looking at a article called 'The Strength Of Roots' I love this article because it has some interesting words and vocabulary to it and also because it just sounds nice. This week our learning feature is to Identify language features of text and sentence types, just like Metaphors,  Similes & the rest of them. This is a presentation that our literacy teacher Miss Clark has created for the Dr Seuss the group that I am in. I hope you enjoy all the different things in this amazing presentation.

Hiwi The Kiwi

Yesterday we had some special visitors come to our school, to do a special performance. I don't know what their first names were but all they told us was there last names which was Mr & Mrs Minstrel. Did you know that they have been married for 40 years now, when they told us that we were all amazed. They were really funny and cool. I have created a presentation with some facts and information from the special performance. Hope you Enjoy ! Thank you to everyone who planned this special performance and also thank you to the visitors for coming and sharing amazing things with Point England School !

A Bumpy Road To Rio - Literacy

Last week we were focusing on a a story called 'A bumpy road to Rio' I love this book or this article because we get to learn more about the Olympics. Miss Clark just gave us articles about the Olympics that had some bumps or problems and we had to answer this presentation, to show our evidence and to show what we read. Hope you enjoy my presentation !

Interesting Facts About Eric Murray

Eric Murray is a New Zealand athlete which is now competing in the Rio Olympics. Eric is a sensational athlete that is known by many of people. Did you know that he is now competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics, in Rowing. Did you also know that Eric first represented New Zealand at the Olympic Games in 2004. Eric Murray has already started a lovely little family. His wife's name is Jackie, and now they have a beautiful son named Zac. Eric was born and raised in Hastings, and he was also born 6th of May 1982. Eric and his Rowing partner which is Hamish Bond, have recently won a gold medal for coming first in their Rowing competition. The reason why I choose Eric Murray because he is a inspirational athlete. Eric and Hamish inspire lots of adults and kids to start Rowing and sports :-) Good Luck For The Rest Of The Olympics

Saia & Gabriel Silicon Valley Trip

Today we had some special visitors come to our school. Saia & Gabriel from Tamaki College, came to Team 5 to share their experience about their trip to Silicon Valley. Saia & Gabriel came to Pt England school a few weeks back, to share & tell us that they were about to go to this amazing trip with some other amazing staff and also other students from different schools. They shared and showed some footage about they trip to Silicon Valley. Gabriel & Saia went to Silicon Valley with Mr Andrew Patterson and their amazing Tamaki College teacher, Mr Jason Sharma. Here are some of the amazing company's that they attended on their cool trip. Gabriel & Saia told us about Stanford University, Google, Yelp, Microsoft, Twitter, Apple, Ideo & Khan Academy. The most interesting company or more like a university to me will have to be, Stanford University. Stanford University stood out more to me because when I grow up I really want to try and make it to Stanford Universi…

Sleep Sleuths - Literacy

Hello my name is May, and this is a presentation based on a book called Sleep Sleuths. I just want to say a massive thank you to Miss Clark, the best teacher. Thank you Miss Clark for helping me on my work and also making this amazing this presentation for us kids. The book Sleep Sleuths is all about the sleep, and also learning about things that are good about the sleep and also things you might need to work on about sleep.   Hope you enjoy :-)

Explanation Writing - Olympics

Hello my name is May & this story is all the about the day the Olympics begun. In 776 BC the ancient Olympics began. The ancient Olympic games were all about men competing one another in different games and events. The Olympic games were held every four years. I will be explaining or sharing to you everything about the ancient Olympics.

Thousands of years ago, in 776 BC there was something called the ancient Olympics. The ancient Olympics were all about worshiping to the Greek gods, just like Zeus and Etc. The ancient Olympics continued for over thousands of centuries and days ago. One ordinary day Emperor Theodosius banned the the ancient Olympics in 391 AD, he also banned the Pagan Practices because the practices were dedicated to the pagan gods so Emperor Theodosius banned the Pagan practices. 15 years later in 1896 the summer and winter Olympics begun and there were many types of sports.

This year the games are held in Rio. Every four years a different country is chosen to host…