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My Number Knowledge Maths Presentation T4W7

Google Expedition

Google Expedition

Today we are lucky to have an expert from the Google to come over and share with us a project made out of cardboard. As Mrs Tele’a was sharing with us about what was going to happen,  I was just thinking about what it was going to feel like,  how does it work and also What is it for..

My answer for the first question : Q-1 : What is going to happen? I think the answer for this question is that,  he is going to tell us all about it and then we get to try it . The answer for the second question : Q-2 : How does it work? I think you have to put the cardboard thingy over your eyes and then just watch something inside it or maybe a 3D thing but I have no clue what’s going to happen. & my answer for the last question : Q-3 : What is it : I think it’s just a project google made for kids and also adults that love watching those kind of 3D movies but instead they could put this amazing project on and watch stuff in space or in the woods,  I have no idea.
I can’t wait to go to the G…

Word Problems - T4W5

May & Ava Word Problems


Hello my fellow bloggers! I am here again with some good news for yous all. I have finally finished my Think Board! I hope you like it and please leave a comment down below. ;-)

Missy's Super Duper School Play

This is an amazing book. After lunch today we were back into our Literacy classes and Mr Wiseman told us to do silent reading so I ran off to my desk and grabbed my book and guess what it was this book. This book if you don't know it is on the very top of this blog post. The reason why I love this book is that it's about a little girl called Missy & Missy's class is putting on a play. Missy wants to be the star! But Miss doesn't get a big part in the play. She doesn't even get a speaking part. As the play went on one of the main characters were stuck and this very character did not speak that much and he was really shy so Missy was thinking of an idea to change it from being silent to being very loud. Missy plan was to sow the crowd her dance moves,  as she was showing her dance moves the crowd started cheering for her but her school mates were just like um mm "what is Missy doing" As Missy finished off with a twirl the boy that was shy was not shy an…

All About The Word " Theme "

Hello Again, do you remember when I said that I am going to make another presentation about the word theme, well here it is.  I hope you like it!

Finding The Theme Of A Text

The past few weeks Mr Wiseman's literacy class have been focusing of how to Find the theme of a text. As you are watching this presentation you might be wondering What is a theme of a text? Well I have told you all the information in this presentation. On the last slide of this presentation it says that I had to make my own presentation and teach what theme is to the little kids. It has been awesome making a presentation about theme,  I can't wait to show you my presentation :)

Thinkboard - W4T4

I just love doing these kind of Maths work because not only that I like to decorate it but I also like to solve it and getting it to be the right answer and also showing Miss Clark and my other class mates what I can do. I hope you enjoy my Week 4 , Term 4 Think board.