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Mixture Of Problems #1

The past few weeks we have been working on a presentation called Mixture Of problems. This presentation is a maths presentation. My also maths teacher Mr Wiseman has created this presentation for us to solve out. He has made three questions and then we have to pick to solve and figure out the answer. Hope You enjoy !

Wool & Nail Art With Mr Wiseman

Yesterday Room 1 started working on our Wool & Nail Art. We first put in the nails and then today we came back from assembly and started putting the wool onto our star art. My partner for this project is Jess, we have been working together as a team to make this amazing star. Here are some photos of us and our amazing project and there is also one photo of just the project. Hope you like it ! Thank You Mr Wiseman :-)

Discovery of New Zealand

WALT : We are learning to Compare and Contrast two similar stories.

Year 8 Camp 2016 Marsden Christian Camp

Year 8 Camp 2016 Marsden Christian Camp 13th - 15th Of April Whangarei / Auckland
As I hopped on the bus I was so excited that I just wanted to burst out and scream. As I sat next to Marilyn she got so bored that she fell asleep, and left me talking to myself. The bus trip was very bumpy and a little scary at the same time. I was trying to wake Marilyn up but she was just snoring too much. As I was looking out the window it started pouring with rain and everyone was so excited like we were on the stratosfear, it was crazy. As I leaned back it was so relaxing that I got a 1 minute sleep or maybe it was just a 30 second sleep.
We finally arrived at Marsden Christian Camp, at Whangarei. It was really nice to see all the different features around the camp area. The first thing that I saw was the sandy Volleyball net, it was cool. The second thing I saw was the slippery water slide, I just wanted to jump on it and slide. We finally hopped out of the bus it was nice and cold outside than inside.…