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This week in maths we have been looking at many different things. For example we learnt the meaning of the word BEMA ... and you may be wondering "What does this word BEMA mean?" Well I am here to let you know what the meaning of this word is. This word stands for 'B' for Brackets , 'E' for Exponents , 'M' for Multiplycation / Division  & the last letter which is 'A' stands for Addition / Subtraction. Ms Munoz has taught me that this method can really help you in life with your maths and it's also a great tool to use whenever your trying to solve a equation. You might be wondering "How did it help me work towards my learning goals?" Well BEMA has taught me how to solve many, many equations and it has also made it a lot easier for me with my maths because it actually tells you what order you should be solving your problems / equations in. I think my goal for next week is to keep building my c…

Social Studies - If I was Prime Minister for a day !

If I were Prime Minister (PM) for a DAY ! 

What if I was the Prime Minister (PM) for a day ? I think if I was a prime minister for a day I would help my islander families around our country New Zealand w/s things that they are struggling with, such as food, homes, kids things. And also not just our Polynesians but also for our others cultures out there ! Another I would do if I was Prime Minister (PM) for a day is I would help those that have nowhere to live, I would offer there or build a place for them to live, so that they can feel the warmth and the same things that every ordinary family feels. The last thing I think I would do if I was Prime Minister for a day is maybe just visit those in hospital and just give them some food baskets or at least make them feel happy and at home ! That's what I would do if I was Prime Minister for a day ! 

My Photo Album

These are my favourite things to do now ! I love taking photo's of our landscape it just brings out such JOY to much heart when I take photo's of different landscapes around our beautiful country or city ! Here's a short Photo Album of these amazing photo's I found that are just amazing ! Hope you enjoy it :-)

Reflection on trying our 2nd take on making the Chocolate Browines

For the past two weeks 9TTu and the lovely Mrs Tuipulotu have been working on making brownies and cookies for our business class. Last week our main ingredient was butter but this week we have made the brownies with oil! My partner and I we have been working a lot harder because today we were looking at if it's worth selling or if it's just something you could eat ? Here is a photo that we took of our brownie that we made today, we have been getting a lot of good feedback on our brownie today ... Mrs Tuipulotu said that we had the best mixture, and she also said that it was a great brownie, Faleaka and I, we just felt happy and proud of our hard work today :-) Here are the ingredient below if you would like to make some brownies at home ! I am so proud of this brownie, last week's one was alright but this week is more better, i'm proud of our work today :-) 
Step One 1: - 1 and a half of Self Raising Flour - Half a cup of oil - Half a cup of milk - Half a cup of su…

Tips for having a Positive Digital Footprint

This week in our Health class, our amazing teacher and our cool class 9TTu have been looking at a few important tips or information that you need to have a Positive Digital Footprint. We have learnt a lot, or I have learnt a lot thanks to Whaea Kata, she has taught me a lot and now I am Thinking before I post something because I have learnt that it's really important that you Stop, Think before you click because you can just post something and then when you look back at it then you might think "OMG, Why did I post that" so it's always good to think before you click. Thank you Whaea Kata Or Miss O'Donnell for everything you have taught us, even though our class is a bit naughty but we actsually appreciate what you have done for our class 9TTu :-) Here a presentation, of some good tips for having a Positive Digital Footprint !

Tokelau Presentation - Social Studies

For the past few weeks in social studies we have been looking at the amazing culture of Tokelau. I have learnt many new and amazing things about Tokelau. In our Social Studies class we were told to make a Tokelau presentation and we had to add on some fun facts about Tokelau. For example, like what they eat, how they live and many other interesting things no one knows about Tokelau. Here's a short presentation that we had to make for our Social Studies lesson with Mr Brown :-)

Food Technology - Chocolate Muffins

Today my class 9TTu made Chocolate Muffins with Mrs Tuipulotu. I was working with my friend Saane and we were working really well. Making Chocolate muffins is really easy, you just need to have the ingredients and the measurments and then you will have the perfect Muffins. Thank you Mrs Tuipulotu for teaching us how to make new things every day ! Here are some snaps from today's lesson and our 'Chocolate Muffins' :-)