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The Arctic and The Antarctic

The Arctic is in the North pole and the Antarctic is in the South pole. A similarity for the Arctic and the Antarctic is that they both have Icebergs and something that they don’t have the same is they have different animals that live there like Emperor Penguins and Adelie Penguins live in the South pole which is in the Antarctic. And Snowy Owls and Warissor’s live in the North pole which is in the Arctic.
A thing about the Antarcticis that it is colder than the Arctic. It is different from the Arctic because they both have different animals that live in each one. The Arctic is special because it has all kind of nice animals living there. It is different from the Antarctic because  the Arctic is in the North pole but Antarctica is in the South pole.

The Antarctic and the Arctic are very different because they have different animals living in each place. They can be the because they both have Icebergs and Ice.

My Family

My Family is the whole world to me they have looked after me since I was little and carried me when I was a baby. But the whole world to me the most is my parents if it wasn't for my parents I wouldn't be here right now:) I hope you like my picture I added but it might not look like my family but it is a family photo. 

Antarctic Food Chain

Today Room 14 learnt how to do an Antarctic Food Chain. As you can see I have put lots of detail in it and it took me ages to do it because I had to do pictures and even shapes and words. So I hope you like it:)


This morning I ate nitro grain and milk for my cereal and I ate toast.It was really yummy and you know what in the morning that is what I always eat.I hope you like my photo and my paragraph:)


Today it is raining it is was raining in the morning and it was so hard. It is so cold when it rains.That is why I do not like it when it rains because it is just so cold:)


Tylah is a friend of mine she is always nice to me and she pretty as well.She is the most talented girl in our class and she is the niced friend I have ever had. I hope you like my blog post:)

Antarctic Seals

Hi my name is May and in this picture I have answered questions and added a picture at the back so it can give more detail. Also I forgot to tell yous that it is all about Antarctic Seals. I hope you enjoy it:) 
listen to ‘May Antarctic Seals’ on Audioboo


This is a book about a new girl that came to school. She was not very friendly to the students at class. 

When the students were doing drawing she decided to sit next to chip. 

Chip didn't like Rosie because she was very nasty to other students in the class also on her first day she pulled the tug at Anneena and Anneena was very frightened. 

Oh were was I again oh yeah when they were doing drawing Rosie the new girl she scribbled on Chips drawing so then Chip was very angry and scribbled on her drawing so then Rosie went and told Mrs May the teacher and she went to Chip and growled at Chip for not doing the right thing. 

Then it was morning tea time and Rosie she was still bulling the students like she just came up to Anneena and pulled her hair then Anneena's friend came and told Rosie the bully to stop but she would just not stop then when Rosie heard Anneena's friend she just let go of Anneena's hair and went to push Anneena's friends down up to the ground then the …

Ptengland School

Ptengland School is so cool because first I came here to make friends and then just like that I had 3 friends it was so cool.Also the reason why is because the teams at this school are so cool because the names are cool.

Today For Breakfast

Today for breakfast I had jam ad butter toast and a hot chocolate that was so yummy.It was on a white plate that had flowers on it and then I made my lunch for school.Then I just had a drink of water:)

Friendly Conversation

This morning Room 14 were learning about holding friendly conversations.My partner was Tevita and we used Audio Boo to record our Oral language or our friendly conversations that we made.I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation and be sure to leave a positive comment:) 
listen to ‘Tevita and May Oral Language’ on Audioboo


Netball is cool because we go to the AMI Stadium to do our games.It is fun at the AMI Stadium because we verse cool players and players that play fear.We also have lots of teams in our school.That is why our school is so cool:)

My Friends

This morning I have done a blog post of my best friends Alizhay and Quinlan. They are my best friends because they are always nice to me:)


Today Room 14 were doing a reading activity about killer whales it was fun because we were answering questions and also Miss Ouano is the coolest teach because she set this all up for us that is why and plus the activity is so cool.:) I hope you enjoy it.


This is my writing about A Mammal & Not a mammal  hope you enjoy it.

This is a mammal because it doesn't lay any eggs and second of all it drinks milk from the mum:)

This is not a mammal because it lays eggs and it drinks milk from the mum as well:)

Emperor Penguins Vs Leopard Seals

* Mothers come back from looking for food and feed their baby's.
* The mothers feed their chicks by bringing out the food from their     secret pocket  .
* Now it is the dads turn to go out to and find food.
* Just before the father penguins hop in the ocean  they see a Leopard seal.  
* Sadly, one penguin gets eaten by a leopard seal.


Antarctica is in the South Pole,which is at the bottom of New Zealand.In Antarctica there are Oceans all around Antarctica and the first type is the Southern Ocean. Antarctica is also the Driest and coldest continent on earth.

No People Call Antarctica home only researches live there to research. Some animals live there and they can survive in cold, dry weather in Antarctica. These are the animals that live on the land, Penguins, Seals And Snow Petrel which is a type of bird.

Antarctica is split into two main areas which is West Antarctica and East Antarctica. They are split up by trans- Antarctic Mountain. East Antarctica is ¾ bigger than West Antarctica.

All About Icebergs

This is my All About Icebergs so as you can see I added 4 small boxs that are facts about Icebergs and I have added a love heart in the middle and it has the title of my project and my project is All About Icebergs:)

Ice Bergs

This is My Ice Berg that I Drew right now so I hope yous like it.It has a penguin and some Ice bergs so yeah i hope you like it:)

Crabeater Seal

This is my presentation of a Crabeater Seal seal I hope you enjoy it:)


Hi this is my Whale Presentation that I just made today and I hope you enjoy it:)

Antarctica Penguins

This is my Presentation about Antarctica Penguins and I have made 3 facts about it so I hope you enjoy it.


Hi My name is May and I am going to tell you something cool that has happened today.Well Will.I.AM came into our school and donated a really kind and loving gift to our school pt.england school, so that was really cool and the other cool thing was he told us a really sad thing so because it is really sad I can't really tell you so yeah it was a beautiful day and also the donation he gave us was One Hundred Thousand Dollars so he is so nice to  people that is why Mr Burt the principal went to Will.I AM and said that if he ever comes back to our school he is no longer a visitor he is apart of New Zealand and apart of our school so that was a nice thing to say.


Well Antonia is a friend of mine she is always pretty she is kind to everyone.And she is in my class

Miss Ouano

Hi my name is May and I am going to talk about my teacher Miss Ouano. Well Miss Ouano is a nice teacher she cares for people alot she is a woman you will know alot as well. She is always pretty and I always love her clothes.

Today in the morning

Today in the morning I was so happy because I got to go on my netbook when Miss Ouano said we can because I haven't been on it for long because it was the school holidays

Cupcake Core Sampling

This morning Room 14 has learnt that geologists drill  hole under ground and they pull back up a big Core and it shows what it looks like under ground but in steed we do cupcake Core Sampling and that is what we done on Tuesday.

My Holiday Highlight

My Holiday Highlight

Wow! What and exciting Holiday.On the first day of the holidays I really didn’t go anywhere so I slept in so I missed out breakfast. Then when I woke up I went to go and eat my lunch so that was yum.

Then after I eat my lunch I went and brushed my teeth and washed my face then I just went in the lounge and played with my older brother. Then my mum came back with our dinner so it was fried rice and that noodle thing but I don't know the name of it.So we just ate our dinner then went to sleep.

The next day I woke up and looked at my calendar and it said it was my dads birthday so I quickly rushed down stairs and it was full of food and presents so I was really embarrassed because I was in my pyjamas and all the quests were in like normal clothes so I quickly got dressed and went back down stair and said to my dad happy birthday.

So then I got something to eat then my mum came with a big red bag and it had party bags with lollies in them so I wondered who it was for …