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Japanese Visitors

Today some of us Yr10 students were hosting or showing these amazing Japanese Visitors around the school. There were about 26 of them and about 9 of us. (Magnolia, Rowana, Johnlee, John, Pote, Pareata, Jolise, Vasa, Levi and myself) As you can see in this photo there are 6 lovely young ladies, who came with the Japanese visitors and we were lucky to have these 6 ladies in our group. So we showed them around the school basically and we had great laughters at the end when we had the last break with them. One of my highlights was when Magnolia told them how many siblings she had (7) and they all were shocked because they only had 1 or 2 siblings. They all had great personalities and beautiful smiles! May the Lord continue to bless you with your journey through Auckland and may he protect you, also when yous head back to your hometown Tokoyo x  PC : Magnolia

Money Personality Quiz - Maths

Today for maths I first completed this quiz. All you have to do is answer some questions and then it will tell you what your money personality is. The questions are really easy and itś something great to start our double period with. Even though we are not with Miss Munoz today, condolences to her family for their going through a difficult situation but well see you when you get back! Iḿ a Money Master :-)