Google Expedition

Google Expedition

Today we are lucky to have an expert from the Google to come over and share with us a project made out of cardboard. As Mrs Tele’a was sharing with us about what was going to happen,  I was just thinking about what it was going to feel like,  how does it work and also What is it for..

Image result for google expeditionMy answer for the first question :
Q-1 : What is going to happen?
I think the answer for this question is that,  he is going to tell us all about it and then we get to try it .
The answer for the second question :
Q-2 : How does it work?
I think you have to put the cardboard thingy over your eyes and then just watch something inside it or maybe a 3D thing but I have no clue what’s going to happen.
& my answer for the last question :
Q-3 : What is it :
I think it’s just a project google made for kids and also adults that love watching those kind of 3D movies but instead they could put this amazing project on and watch stuff in space or in the woods,  I have no idea.

I can’t wait to go to the Google Expedition!! Hooray


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