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This week in maths we have been looking at many different things. For example we learnt the meaning of the word BEMA ... and you may be wondering "What does this word BEMA mean?" Well I am here to let you know what the meaning of this word is. This word stands for 'B' for Brackets , 'E' for Exponents , 'M' for Multiplycation / Division  & the last letter which is 'A' stands for Addition / Subtraction. Ms Munoz has taught me that this method can really help you in life with your maths and it's also a great tool to use whenever your trying to solve a equation. You might be wondering "How did it help me work towards my learning goals?" Well BEMA has taught me how to solve many, many equations and it has also made it a lot easier for me with my maths because it actually tells you what order you should be solving your problems / equations in. I think my goal for next week is to keep building my confidence with BEMA and then I can move on to another topic that I know Ms Munoz, our AMAZING teacher can help me improve and learn more for me personally as a student but also as a whole class ! Thank you Ms Munoz for teaching me BEMA because the only one I knew was BEDMAS ... so now I know another tool I can use to improve my maths on !


  1. BEMA is the same as BEDMAS but I'm glad you are always looking for new tools May! Next week I want you to challenge yourself to learn something new! Well done keep it up


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