32 Interesting facts about Me

32 Interesting facts about Me

Hi my name is Makerita
I am 10 years of age
I do not like Pineapple on my Pizza
I love talking about work
I like playing with my friends
My favourite Hobby is Netball
My Fav year is 2003 because I was born on that year
I don’t like writing lines
I really love reading and writing
I am Samoan
I love doing Drama with Miss Muliaumasealii
I also like doing E Learning with Mrs Telea
I love being a year 6
I’m in the Hawaiian Group for fia Fia
I have three different kind of teachers in year 6
I am learning about Geometry
I was born in Christchurch
My best friends are Finau,Arietttah and Liz G
I go to Pt England School
I really miss Mr Marks
I love playing sports
Love when Visitors come over
We are learning about Tiaki Taonga
When I am in College I am going to go to Auckland Girls Grammar
I have one brother and two sisters
My home class teacher is Mr Somerville and he is really fun
I have brown eyes
I live in Glen Innes
My Mum is Samoan and my Dad is Samoan/Tuvaluan
My Fav Girl singers is Carrie Underwood
My fav Boy singer is John Legend
My Fav colour is Green

That is Me!!!!!


  1. These is a great description about you may do you enjoy writing it seems as you do.

    1. Hi Taylah-Reese,
      Thank you for the comment and I do love reading because my Reading and Writing teacher has just given us books to read and I love the book and also we have to write a description about our Fiafia night that has just happened and it was really cool. At our school we have each culture perform on stage at 7.00 and we practice for 3 or 4 week. The name Fiafia in Samoan means Happy and you just need to add the night so it is Fiafia night. Its a day when we celebrate Happy/Fiafia night and we get to dance and you bet it is really fun:)

      I have two questions and my first question is,
      * Do you have any pets?
      * And are you a teacher?

  2. Hi May, my name is Alexandria Butler and I am a student like you, only I am in college at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed learning about you through the post “32 Interesting Facts about Me.” I am very sorry about your uncle who past away. Do you think it helped you with the grieving process to talk about the experience on your blog? I think talking about feelings and experiences can definitely make a person feel better. Keep up the good work and keep blogging! 

    1. Hi Alexandria,
      im very interested that you are in Alabama and I really wanna come their one day. I'm so happy that you enjoyed reading my 32 facts about me.
      I think when I pressed publish on my Uncles Funeral post that I done I felt a little bit better because I let it out like what you just said.
      Thank you for commenting on my blog and I have 4 questions for you if you don't mind:)

      *Is it cool living in Alabama
      *Is it small or big there
      *How old are you
      *Have you ever visited New Zealand

  3. It is very cool living in Alabama! I live close to the water but not as close to it as you are in New Zealand. It takes about two hours to drive to the most popular beach called Gulf Shores, on the Gulf of Mexico. We live on a river and there is a canal in our backyard and we enjoy kayaking, fishing and boating.
    The population of Mobile is about 412,992. There are many festivals and activities and Mobile is the birthplace of Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is a celebration that includes parades where people throw beaded necklaces, toys and treats and everyone yells, “Throw Me Something Mister!” The holiday ends on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.
    I am about to turn 35 years old. I am taking a computer course at the University because I would like to learn more about blogging and ways to use technology in the classroom. Something you have become quite good at, great job by the way on your blog! I would love to visit New Zealand someday! The pictures I have viewed on your school website are beautiful and I can see you enjoy some of the same activities we enjoy on the Gulf Coast. Thanks so much for commenting, I can’t wait to see the exciting things you will be learning this year.
    Take care.

  4. WOW that's was a cool site you got more better than mine see you later.

    By Izac


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