Part 1 Beginning My Life


There once lived a girl she was only 7 years old,she lived with her father and her mother then her father passed away because of cancer. When her dad passed away because of cancer her life changed heaps,she wasn’t use to her mother because her mother goes to work and comes back home at 11pm at night and she never spends time with her and they never get along. When she turned 8 her dad said that he will make the bestest birthday for her but when he passed away her wish didn’t come true. 2 years after she was 10 she went to school and she didn’t have any friends,there was one day she was sitting there eating her lunch when this girl came up to her. They started being best friends and one day her best friend came over and asked her if she could play one day and her mother said no because she had to finish off her homework. She didn’t like it that her mum stops her from going to play with her friends she said to her mum in a loud voice “IF DAD WAS HERE I COULD DO WHATEVER I WANT BUT SINCE DAD PASSED AWAY I HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU ALWAYS SAY” and her mum replied saying “NO YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM” so she went but her friend was still waiting outside for her. When she went in the room she didn’t know she had a window,but when she saw the window she had a plan to run away. She looked out the window and she saw her friend sitting under the tree she called her friend and said to wait for her because she was going to jump out of the window,So she jumped out of the window and ran away and when she ran away she stayed at her friends house.

A year later while she was staying at her friends house her friends mum didn’t know that she was staying over but when her mum came to check up on her daughter she saw her there she got angry at her daughter for not telling that there was a stranger living in their house because her mum was scared that she might kill them or something but she was just the daughters friend. The next day her friends mum kicked her out of the house,the next day it was thursday it was still school when her friend went to school she saw that she wasn't at school she was sad because she just lost a friend. When she got kicked out of the house she found a beach close to her friends house she lived there the whole time... TO BE CONTINUED  


  1. you have nice work and I like your work

  2. I really liked your story may may i enjoy it alot thanx may.

  3. Hi May I really like how you did your story.
    I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the grate work May.


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