Reflection About 2015


“Wow! This has been an AMAZING year” I have loved being a student at Pt England School. The reason why I love Pt England is because it has such nice teachers and also students. 2015 has been a memory that I will never forget. We have had lots of fun activities this year and fun trips too & I am going to miss the year 8’s next year.

This year I have felt Happy at times and at other times I am sad. Whenever I play with my friends I get sad because we might not be in the same class next year & also the year after. The year has been cool and fun cause our lovely team 5 teachers have planned fun activities for us,  even when we are naughty we always get a second chance but sometimes we don’t get that second chance.

The thing I found most satisfying this year was getting to meet the lovely year 8’s and also getting to meet the new teachers in team 5 like,  Miss Peato,  Mr Wiseman & Ms Hockley. They have been really encouraging to us year 7’s for next year,  they are always saying how they can’t wait when we are the year 8’s next year and how we are special in every single way. You are the best teachers ever! The thing I found most frustrating or as some people call it difficult was getting to blend in with the year 8 students. I know that they are only year 8’s but at times it is really difficult because us year 7’s don’t really know how they do it here in the Senior block. A few days later we finally made a bond with the year 8’s and that's why the year 7’s are not having to ask everyone what to do and where to go because the teachers and also some of the year 8’s have told us how it works in the senior block.

If I had to give this year a score out of 10 I would give it a 10/10. The reason why I would give it a 10/10 is because I have had an awesome year so far and it just has been an amazing journey so far this year. But if I had to give myself a score out of 10 I would give myself a 9/10 because I think I have been really strong this year and I've been trying to finish off my work but also at the same time I have been a little bit naughty but then I get right back up onto my lane again. So if I had to give myself a score out of 10 it would be a 9.5/10. This year I have been playing Netball in term 1 and then term 2 and 3 I was focusing on my work but then in term 4 I was participating in the Manaiakalani film festival movies and it was really nice seeing my face up on that big screen.     

In 2016 I am hoping to play a lot more sports and also trying to get my reading levels to the highest and just trying to do my best at everything we do. I am also focusing on making some new friends next year and maybe buying some new shoes ha ha just joking :-)

Next year I would like the teachers to know how good I am at making friends. Wherever I go I can make a new friend just like a click of a finger. I also want the teachers to know how I am really good making teachers laugh. I know this because I also make my last year teachers laugh because of my funny jokes and funny comments.

Next year I am hoping on getting some more help on my reading and also my writing because I think I am not focusing on the main point because I am getting distracted at times and also sometimes I just rush straight to the second part and forget all about the first part of my story and in reading sometimes I am so lazy a reading the text I just do random answers and then when the class checks their answers I always get the answers wrong. So I hope my next year teacher can help me with my writing and my reading. Can’t Wait !

My mystery next year teacher I think is going to be a girl,  so if I had to show her something from this reflection so she understands it, I would show her my introduction because sometimes if you don't read the introduction you would have no idea what the reflection is all about so I would show my teacher my reflection so she understands all about my reflection that I am doing right now.

I can't wait for next year. I hope I get to see lots of new people and get to meet them. I hope the year 7's are really thinking about their big role next year as being the oldest group of Pt England School. I can't wait to see the new year 7's next year and get to know them more better so when we are doing group activity's we will get along so well. I am really excited and happy for the year 8's to head off to their enemy College but I feel sad for them because they are really nervous about going to college, but they should know that it is not that bad. Good Luck For The Future Year 8's :-)

2016 Here We Come !


  1. Hi May! It sounds like you are a very friendly and lovely person. It isn't always easy to make friends and it's great to see that you are able to do it just like a 'click of a finger!' Awesome.

    I hope that you have a wonderful time in Year 8 and that you find that your reading and writing improves over the year. If you would like to keep practicing these skills over the summer please log onto the Summer Learning Journey website and participate in the programme. It's a great way to maintain, or even improve, your skills! I'll check back in to see if you decide to go on a learning adventure with us this summer. I hope that you do!

    Wishing you a very happy 2016, Rachel

  2. Hi, May!

    Wow, you have so many amazing moments that you've shared with us. I really enjoyed reading your reflection. It sounds like you are very personable and kind to your friends. I bet you are very loyal and supportive. I hope that you find some of your best friends to be in your class next year, but I'm sure you'll make lots of great new friends too! I teach high school to grade 9 students and they are always a bit nervous to start at a new school because they don't always know everyone in their classes. However, after a couple of days the students are all talking and laughing with each other!

    Also, I read in your profile that you really like Carrie Underwood. I am a HUGE fan too! What's your favourite song of hers? I really like "So Small." I also like that she is such a 'real' person and has wholesome values. She's a great role model! Cheers, Leigh

  3. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time:)

  4. Hi May,I really like your reflection we all miss the year 8's but it's okay because we got the lead. I hope you write more interesting story's about last year because it reminds me about the year 8's


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