ASB Polyfest

CHEE HOO! Welcome to ASB Polyfest , the place where we all belong. Let me take you for a tour of our fabulous Polyfest.

We are finally here and we are all so excited. When we had a look outside it was so full of people and the traffic was so busy going into the parking area. When we hopped out I could see all the stages like the Samoan Stage , Niue Stage , Cook Island Stage and also the Maori Stage.

We made our way to the security and he was so nice that he let us threw. When we got inside we were kind of lost but we made it at the end. We sat down and the teachers had some korero's for us and the other schools. While we sat down there was a special guest they were all talking about and do you want to know who it was ...... well I think you want to know well , it was Prime Minister John Key and National people.

Now I am going to tell you my favourite place at ASB Polyfest. #Number 1 , I loved the food because it was mostly Island food like , Pancakes , Chop Suey and Rice and my favourite fruit drink “OTAI” mm yum makes me want to eat some now. #Number 2 , Auckland University Tech knowledge , the reason why I like it is because they have lots of information that we haven’t heard before , so that's why I love AUT. Lucky last #Number 3 , ASB Cube. I like ASB Cube because when we went inside it was all Yellow and there were bean bags so we don’t sit on the grass which was wet and the other reason why I like it is that they can make lots of different stuff by metal or plastic.

ASB Polyfest has been an inspiration to me because watching people perform was amazing I felt like I could be one of them one day.
Going to ASB Polyfest was amazing! We started from the bottom now we are here. I hope you enjoyed my tour of the ASB Polyfest.



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