Fearwell Paris

30 Facts about Paris:)

When I started this school me and Paris were in the same class until now and she has been playing with me ever since. I like that she is always there for me and I like that she plays with me and that she makes me laugh when I am sad. The only thing that I don’t like about her is that we always fight and I don’t like that but we get along after the fight and we start laughing and it gets funnier and funnier. I am also sad that Paris is leaving the school on Saturday but I hope that she has a good day at wherever she is going but I am really going to miss her:)

I remember when we were both in Miss Ouano class and she had long hair then she came on the next day and she said that she cut her hair and when I looked at it it was shorter. Another moment was when Paris always asks me how to spell a word like she forgot how to spell look and I said to her “You don’t know how to spell look well you spell it like this LOOK” then she said Ohh. There was this other time when Paris came to school with Gold in her hair and I asked her how did you get gold in your hair and she said because of my annoying brother Leni he sprayed it in my hair and I was like what are you on about are you lying and she said no im not lying.

One time at maths Paris and Mr S were talking and Mr Somerville was telling a joke to Paris and it was kind of like this “Paris said:What is your fav Song and Mr S said:Your Mama and it was a joke but Paris thought Mr S was telling the truth but he was lying I was laughing because she didn’t get it:)

P.S I am going to miss Paris when she leaves because I am going to be OTL by my self.Have a good day Paris hope you come and visit another time!!

From Friend May


  1. WOW! May thats cool and you won't be OTL where here GOSH

  2. Hi may that is so cool but i thought you have lots of friend but she is the best friend

  3. May you got Finau, Mahana and Me so you not OTL Plus Paris will alway's be in your heart.


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