My Titanic Writing

It was 12.00 on April 10, 1912 and that was the day the Unsinkable took off onto the water. While the Titanic was taking off I was in the Kitchen with my friend Percy Snowden and we were drinking a of tea. It was funny because she was telling me how everyone has been saying that the Titanic is unsinkable even I thought that. After talking about the Titanic and how people thought it was Unsinkable I got tired I went into my bedroom and I slept like I was in my home. While I was sleeping a little boy came and woke me up and he said to me “Where is my mummy” and I said to him “lets go and look for your mum.” We went outside and Captain Roger said  “get every women and their children on the lifeboat”  I replied back to him “This little boy has lost his mum and we are trying to find her” he said “The Titanic is about to sink so get all of the mothers and the kids onto the lifeboats before it sinks and tell the men to stay behind and go on  last” then the little boy said to the captain “My mummy said to me that the Titanic was Unsinkable”  Then the man said but is it Unsinkable....


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