My Holiday Recount

Well let me tell you about my holidays! In the holidays I went to Parakai, If you haven’t heard of a place called Parakai well you are in for a treat. Parakai is a big place and nice at the same time. When we were traveling there on the bus I was having the chills and I was excited too. I was falling asleep and then I heard the bus make that kind of noise like it was stopping and I was right we were at Parakai! When I stood up to go I could already see people swimming and also eating and some people were putting on sunscreen.

My Mum,Dad,Brother,Sister and I all got out of the bus and we went to the cashier to pay and to get a stamp on our hand so they can know that we have already payed. When I heard the lady say “you may go through” listening to her voice gave me the shivers because the way she said it was like cold feeling like she just came out of the pools and I bet ya the pools are going to be cold.

When we went into the changing rooms it was dirty and all slimy and wet on the floor oh but that was in the girls changing rooms I don’t know about the boys I think it was the same. We quickly got changed and we also remembered to be sun smart so I reminded my mum because she just went out without sunscreen so I told her “ mum you forgot to put sunscreen on” and she said “oh thank you for reminding me” and I said “anytime mum,anytime”

Finally we finished with sunscreen and I could run out and just go and jump into the pools. When I arrived into the pools I had a feeling really cold and also warm. I love the Parakai! If it wasn’t for my mum and dad we wouldn't of made it here in the first place:)

The End


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