Me & Tyli's Pourquoi Story

Why Dogs Sniff Butts?

In the year of 1842, before humans killed dogs, there was a gang of 32 Dogs that lived in China. They were feeling really hot so 23 dogs went to the beach, the rest went to the pools to cool of.

They were having some much fun at the beach. They had a beach party, they turned up the music and made a fire, they took of their butts and jumped in the water. When they came out of the water there butts had been taken by some other dogs. So they went wandering off looking for their butts.

Until this huge wave came crashing down on them and they got swept away into the ocean So did the dogs that took their butts. When they got out of the water they didn't realise that the huge wave took them to another place and do you know what that place was, it was “FIJI”

They started walking and a group of girls and boys came dancing in front of them and it was pretty much like a welcoming so then they started Twerking . The president of Fiji took them to a place for them to stay for a couple of days. The next day they went around Fiji smelling other dogs butts, trying to find their butts. There was still no answer to finding their butts so they just went back home to have some rest.  When they woke up their butts had been placed on the shelf. They were wandering who brang their butts back.

but when the President came in he told them that the dogs that ran away with their butts are also in “Fiji so they brang their butts back to where they were staying. “Oh I forgot to tell you that the president was a dog too. So the president was talking doggy language”.

They got their butts back and ran off to go and have a party to celebrate. for the return of there butts. at the party there was all the Fijians and also all of the china’s dogs. They had a Twerking competition, then the China’s Police came and asked if The Fijians had some lost dogs, the President said “ROOF, ROOF, ROOF & ROOF”, it means yes we do they are at the party over there. The China’s police said “Shank You” They went to take them back into their little cages and sent back to China.

And that is why dogs sniff butts
The End -_-


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