What it means to share

Hello! This is a presentation for Inquiry that our lovely Team 5 teachers have made for us students. It is about some Charity's and how we could share our money. Do you remember when we were doing a Save presentation , well yeah its just like that one we have to choose 2 charity's to write about and then we have to choose 2 charity's we would share our money with. I hope you enjoy this cool presentation because it's just awesome! Hope You Enjoy :)
Here are the questions:

1. When do we share our money??
Answer : We people need help or on special occasions

2. Who in our family share their money? How do they do this?
Answer : My Mother & Father share their money to Salvation Army. They share their money by taking their money to the lady or man and the lady or man will buy some thing with it and donate it to those who need help:)


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