Winter Learning Journey - Activity One #1

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Activity One #1

Hello bloggers my name is May & I am completing one of the activities from the Winter Learning Journey. Activity one says that we have to pick one sport that we would compete in if we were in the Olympics, 2792 years ago. The options that were there was Running, Wrestling, Boxing, Pankration, Horse Racing & Pentathlon. I have chose Horse Racing because I love riding horses and also because ever since I was 6 I started riding small pony's and it was really fun and when I was riding the pony I always wished that when I grow up I could experience the feeling of riding a horse. I also chose Horse Racing because I love trying new things and exploring the feeling of sitting on the chariot while your being pushed by four or three horses. I love this first activity because it gives you lots of options to chose from and because it just has amazing questions.

Can't Wait For Activity Two #2


  1. Hi May!

    Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey :) I am so happy to read that you like the first activity and that you can't wait for activity #2. That makes me smile!

    I absolutely love blogging with you over the holidays and can't wait to read what you have to say. I was really interested in your first post about horse racing. I, too, think that it's great to try new things and to challenge yourself. It sounds like you would be a natural having already ridden ponies when you were younger.

    Do you still ride ponies now?


  2. hi may I love your work it is a amazing beautiful louely work.


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