Food Tech - Wk 3 - Chocolate Muffin

Today is Tuesday or in Food Tech today is called ´Cooking Day´ Today we decided to make Chocolate Muffins. I think that Faleaka and I done a really good job today! The only thing that I personally need to work on is remembering how to do the ingredients and just making sure that its perfect just the way that Ms. Tuipulotu wants. This is the recipe for making Chocolate muffins, just in case you want to make a beautiful chocolate muffin like ours. 


Step One - Mix together

1. 1cup 1/2cup of S.R.Flour
2. 1/2cup of sugar
3. 1 egg, 1/3cup of Cocoa, 50grams of Choc
4. 1/2cup of Milk, 1tsp Vanilla Essence
5. 1/2cup of Oil

Step Two - Mix well and scoop into the muffin tray.

Step Three - Bake for 15mins 180c


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