Holiday Writing

Holiday Writing

On a sunny,sunny day I woke up and I nearly got dressed for school but then I remembered that there was no more school so I went back into bed because I was so tired and then I heard my mum say to me “wake up and tidy up the room” and I replied “but I am so tired” then she came back in the room and she pulled my blanket off and  she told me to stand up or she will make me stand up. After that I was so hungry and I went to the kitchen and ate and ate.

Suddenly I heard a sound at the door and it was my cousin at the door. My cousin said do you wanna come with us to the shops and I said “Ok” Then we went shopping and we came back home with this big shopping.

After that they stayed for a while and then it got dark and we were really hungry so my cousins took us to the Sky City and we ate at Fall Tuna and it was yummy!

P.S What a Holiday!!!


  1. WOW I wish if I can have some Tuna with you.

    By Izac

  2. Hi May,

    WOW! I agree with Izac. I would have loved to have some tune with you, too! It sounds like you had a great holiday.

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