My Nightmare

It was 4.00 in the morning and I woke up and it was still dark,all I heard was birds chirping and inside it was freezing like ice. I was shivering like if I was in Antarctica. The reason I woke up was because I had a nightmare. It was the scariest nightmare I have ever had ! It all began when I went to sleep. I went to sleep last night at 12:00 I was really tired. I was in bed fast asleep when a person popped up in my head while I was sleeping. It was a man. He started off saying “My name is Parker.” Then he started talking to me and I got really scared,I even cried a little. Suddenly Parker’s wife Nancy came crying down the steps and while she was coming down the step she stopped crying and she started singing, 1,2 Parkers coming for you 3,4 better lock your door 5,6 you better play no tricks 7,8 you have to stay up late 9,10 you'll never sleep again. When she sang that song I was hiding under my blanket. When 2 minutes later she went all quiet and then I checked if she was still their but she wasn't. I got out of bed and I started looking if Parker was still there but he wasn’t then his wife Nancy was wearing my mom's wedding dress.

She came upto me and I was still shivering like crazy. Then I told her “Take my mum’s dress off it doesn't belong to you” and she screamed back to me and she said “You can’t tell me what to do so Shut up” she replied. Then Nancy started breaking everything and I couldn't take it anymore so I jumped out of bed then I thought it would be really hot now but when I jumped out I started shivering and my body started getting goosebumps on my arms and my legs. The draws and the doors started to open and close and then Nancy started to say “HELP,HELP” but I thought she was just joking. I went looking for her with my blanket because I was really cold then I found her on the floor in the kitchen and then I rang the ambulance but no one came then when I went back into the kitchen and she disappeared. No one has seen Nancy,the last time they saw her was when she died...... TO BE CONTINUED

P.S: Miss Nancy Shaw Shaw Shaw
She's dressed in Black Black Black
She has a Knife Knife Knife
Stuck in her Back Back Back
She Cannot Breathe Breathe Breathe
She cannot Cry Cry Cry
That's why she Begs Begs Begs
She begs to Die Die Die........


  1. Hi May, That is such a cool story I like every bit of it especially the last bit.


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