The First Assembly for Term 2

 "OH NO FORGOT WE HAD SCHOOL TODAY" I got to school and we had assembly and it was the best assembly I have ever had and it also had balloons in it the hall was colourful
Well this morning we got to school and I was so nervous and I thought that I was going to cry but lucky I didn't so that was lucky. When we got in the hall I thought why were the balloons there but then  I saw all the teachers and they were all dressed up as their subject that they were doing for this term. I was trying to find Mr Burt because I knew that he was going to be dressed up as well, then I found him and he was dressed as a clown, well I thought he was a clown but he wasn't, he was a balloon Man and he did suit it.

Then we started seeing performances from Team 1 and you bet it was amazing. Their performance was based on the Zoo. In their movie they were talking about animals like Lions,Hippos, Giraffes and they also took photos of the Zoo and it showed one of the Zoo Keepers and I got so jealous because they were going to go on Tuesday to the Zoo.
P.S Not Fear:(

After Team 1 it was Team 2's turn and they were learning about How things fly. When we saw them going on stage they were all dressed up and my favourite costume was Miss Eadie's one because it looked like she was a Aeroplane Flyer and I wonder how she made the Card Board Plane it was green. After that I saw them in lines and Mrs She was wearing a Chinese costume and it was nice aswell. I saw her standing in the side of the stage and she was trying to move Miss Eadie,Mrs Dwyer and Mrs Glaze. First she tried to move Mrs Dwyer and she said "MOVE" and she moved then she went to Miss Eadie and Mrs She said "MOVE" and she moved. Then she went to Mrs Glaze and Mrs She said the same thing and she moved aswell and then they were finished and they went off stage.
P.S I wish I had a Plane:)

Yay! its Team 3's turn and all I see is Mrs King turn in to Crazy Colourful Mrs King and all the Team 3 teachers were dressed in Colours. When they got on stage they were telling us about light colours and how it is fast and I didn't really hear the rest because Paris was talking to me and I couldn't really hear any one but then I saw Mr Jacobson go up the stage and helped them with their Presentation that they were making. It was really Colourful and then they were finished:)
P.S Some of my favourite Colours!!!

Here for the best "TEAM 4 YAY" and it is all about Boats. When I saw them going on to stage I saw all of the Team 4 teachers dressed up in Life Jackets and Mr Somerville was wearing those swimming shoes those flappy ones. He was really funny and he kind of looked weird but he is really cool as a teacher. After that the Team 4 teachers were doing quizzes and the person that gets the answer right they get a Chocolate Fish.

Now for the last Team, Team 5 and all the seniors yelled "YAY" and you know what they were learning about, well they were learning about sounds and how it works and different kind of sounds that people have. Then the teachers played a song and it was really funny because of Mr Barks he was really funny:)
P.S Mr Barks you are funny!!!

That was our Assembly and it was the best:)


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