Farming Fish

Hi my name is May and this week we have been reading a book called Farming Fish.
It is a really cool book if you read it it explains a boy that had a uncle and his uncle had an idea and it was to make a Farming Fish. They usually go out to sea on their canoes and catch some fish if it is good weather,but when it is bad weather and the sea is really rough to go on they don't have any food to eat,so they wait for the next day. They usually don't go to the shops because they are use to going fishing and at their village there is hardly any shops. The uncle idea was to make a Farming Fish,as I was trying to say his uncle was making another place to go fishing so they can get fish like everyday.
Here is a picture of the place close to it.

Fish farms are important to the village because that is how they can have food everyday and so they don't have to starve and they can just go and catch some fish if the sea is bad and so they can have their own place to fish.


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