New fashion for intermediate kids

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New fashion for intermediate kids

Pt England School

Breaking news the Pt England School year 6’s are moving to the black and red zip up jackets. It is more mature for them.

Mrs Flavelle has said “We have the different option, it’s just so you can distinguish the senior children from everybody else”. 98% have brought the jackets. It is nearly about every single kid

The kids at Pt England School think that it is a great idea and that it is more mature for them because they are going to be year 7 & 8’s and so they don't have to wear the same jacket,because it will make them look like little kids.

The cost of the senior jackets are $55 dollars. It is more expensive than the year 1 to 6 jumpers. The cost for the senior girls culottes are $56 dollars but it is also cheap and not really expensive.

The senior jackets are zip up jackets and red and black the normal uniform colour.The senior girls culottes are black and that is pretty cool as well.They are also not that expensive because the senior jackets are $55 dollars and the culottes are $56 dollars.It is really cheap.


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