Anzac Memorial at Pt England School

Lest We forget

Australia New Zealand Army Corps

It’s hard to imagine what those Soldiers went through at the war. After sitting outside looking at the memorial it makes me feel sad for those Soldiers that didn't know what they were going to get once they get there. It makes me think those kids without a father and those ladies without their husbands.

When I think of the Soldiers it makes me think of blood , shooting , Yelling , Death & also hurt feelings. Hurt feeling to those who lost their loved ones or also there best friend. Some of those Soldiers went to war at a very small age and didn't know what they were going to expect. I know that those soldiers families are very proud of them.

While I was looking at that memorial the feeling that came to me were Sad , Thankful & Proud. Sad that they went to the war and died so our land can be peaceful and so we all can be free. Thankful for all their work that they have done & also Proud of the effort that they put in all of it.

Just standing there and watching all those names and those cross's reminds me straight away about my family members that have passed away too and also brings back lots of memories.


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