Learning How To Do A MASTER Letter

NAME : May

ADDRESS : Glen Innes

POSTCODE : Unknown

DATE : 18th May 2015

Dear William Stowers ,

Talofa Lava William. You must be wondering who I am , well my name is May. I am a year 7 student at Pt England School. I really want to know what your favourite colour is? If you want to know what my favourite colour is well my favourite colour is Blue. I am Samoan and half Tuvalu.

(Samoan Pronunciation)
Malo le soifua ma le lagi e mama. O te fia talofa atu ia te oe. Ua ou iloa ua e fa'apea be o ai au. O lou igoa o May. Ou te alu i le laona a Pt England School o lau vasega o le fitu (7) Ua o te fia iloa po o le a le lanu e te fiafia i ai? AI o le lanu le fiafia ai au o (BLUE) Ou te sau mai Samoa ai oute afa Tuvalu.

The reason I am writing this letter is because I am concerned about some stuff and then I am happy about some stuff I don’t know which one to choose. Lets begin with the stuff I am Unhappy about. I am concerned that they are going to send you back to war and you are already injured,  if you go back you will just get injured again. You should really be at home feeling yourself again. Well the bad news is done and dusted,  let's now talk about the good news. The good news is that I am happy to hear that you are taken care of by the nurse’s and the staff members.

(Samoan Pronunciation)
O le mafuaaga ou te fai ai nei tusi,  ua ou le fiafia i esi mea ae ou te fiafia i lesi mea,  ou te leo iloa po o le a le mea ou te fai atu i ai.  O le a ou amata ma mea ou te le fiafia i ai. O le mea muamua ou te le fiafia i ai,  o le mea sa e fai mai ai le la toe ave oe i le (War) ai ua uma ona e lavea mai i le (War) a e toe alu e te toe lavea mai. Sina e alu i le fale e malolo ai. Ua uma mea leaga ae la ou tautala i mea le ou te fiafia i ai. Ua ou fiafia e lelei le mea e te nofo i ai.

I just to say I wish you all the best and I hope you get well soon and I will remember you in my prayers. I hope they don’t send you back to war but if they do I hope you won’t get injured again. Thank you for your service:)

(Samoan Pronunciation)
Ou te fai atu ia manuia mea uma e te faia, ia e malolo ma le ma’i le te ave ina ma oe. Ou te mantua oe i ou tatalo. Ou te tatalo e te le toe fo'i i le (War) ai be e te alu ou te tatalo e te le toe lavea mai i le (War) Fa’afetai i lou agalelei:)

Yours faithfully , May


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