Going To My Uncles Funeral

Well , that was a sad weekend. It all begins at my home sweet home. After school I walked with Finau back home and when we got there she went home and I went home as well because we live straight across each other. The time that I arrived home I had to get dressed because we were going to my Uncle's funeral and it was at Onehunga. The time we got there I felt like crying because I saw my Uncles lying down and it was really sad because it was my dads Uncle. Then the service began and we all sat down and they brang my Uncle in the church and the pastor was beginning the service with a prayer and we all bowed our heads like what we do at school at assembly. Then they lifted my Uncle one the stole thing that you put them on and people come with the flowers and they put it next to the coffin box. After the service we all stayed to have a feed even the other family members by the way it was a yummmmy feed. After we ate and we were all full and the people had a little chat and the kids had a little play and trying to get to know more people well:) We all left after that.


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