Year 5 and 6 Camp

You will never believe what I am doing on this very,very sunny day, Well do you wanna know cause I know you do, well on this sunny day we were having the year 5 and 6 Camp for 2014. The most thing I like out of all the activity's that we have done is Kayaking. Kayaking was my favourite because Mr Burt and the Helpers were really nice and they let us have lots of turns then they let us have a swimming time.

 The first time me and Paris went into that Kayak it was cold and a little bit dirty but it was awesome at the same time. Then me and Paris finished our turn and we all moved to the free swimming it was a little fun but some of us got hurt by the rocks and the stuff under water and also it was fun at the same time. 

This years Camp is really cool because we also get to do a permanences and backing that is why I like it a lot and we sleep in very expensive tents and it is cool for all of us!!!



  1. Hi may you must of had a lovely time at camp I hope you enjoyed it my camp was awesome to :)

  2. Hi May, I like your photo of you and your friends.You and your friends have a great smile.You and your friends have enjoyed camp. I enjoyed camp too. It was a cool camp.I enjoyed reading your story because your story make sense.


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